Home Staging Consultation

Break A Leg Staging does home consultations, both in home and virtually!


For a consultation, contact us to schedule an appointment. We can either come to the home and evaluate the property in person or through a virtual video call. During the consultation we create an aesthetic "game plan" to show the home's best features to bring in top dollar.

During the consultation, we are taking the time to understand the home more personally, at this time the homeowner may ask any questions and we provide ample amount of advice specific to each home.

We all get into a comfort zone and do not always see the whole picture when it comes to decluttering, furniture placement, and de-personalizing our living environment.


Break A Leg Staging has the professional eye that can accomplish this for you.

This consultation will entail,

  • Home walkthrough 

  • Room by room photo inventory 

  • Answer any questions from the homeowner

  • A comprehensive bullet point report of suggestions and needed changes to help the overall goal and get the property sold quickly.


Reports are typically sent out within 24-48 hours to the homeowner, or realtor. 


This method can be a valuable tool for many realtors to help accommodate their clients.