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Home Staging Consultation

Break A Leg Staging offers personalized home consultations that are designed to maximize the potential of your property. During a consultation, we schedule an appointment to visit your home and carefully assess its unique features. Our goal is to create an aesthetic "game plan" that showcases the property's best qualities, ensuring a top-dollar sale.


During the consultation, our expert stager will meticulously walk through each room, capturing detailed photographs and addressing any questions you may have. After the visit, we will prepare a comprehensive room-by-room report, complete with practical suggestions and necessary changes to help you achieve your selling objectives. Typically, this report will be delivered to you or your realtor within 24 hours.

This consultation method serves as a valuable tool by providing a convenient checklist for homeowners and realtors to assist their clients. It enables a smooth and efficient process, accommodating the needs and preferences of homeowners. With Break-A-Leg Staging's consultation services, you can confidently prepare your property for sale, aiming for a successful outcome and top dollar value.

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