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Re-design & Refresh


Break A Leg Staging understands the importance of enjoying the space that is called home. Many times when moving is not the answer or solution to create a desired aesthetic living environment, Break A Leg Staging can help. Break A Leg Staging will come to the home to meet the homeowner's learning of their taste, preferences, and goals for their home. There are many things we can do to create a new and economically updated look. Changing out some hardware, lights, paint colors, arranging, and/or adding some furnishings can really enhance the home. We will work with any budget no matter how big or small.  When less is more in these circumstances of needed change, Break A Leg Staging strives to outperform and exceed the client's expectations. If there is a change in your home that can be made to make the client happy, Break A Leg Staging, will Re-design, re-arrange, and/or refresh and create a more updated desirable space to live in and be proud of. 

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