Vacant Home Staging

Homes that are vacant will sit on the market 60% longer than homes that have been staged.


Our main goal is to  assess the home and curate an inviting space for the new buyer.

Occupied Home Staging

When the seller is still residing in the home, we use the furniture that is already in the home.


We may make suggestions to remove or add pieces of furniture and/or accessory to ensure the best results. 

cost to home stage a house

Office Staging

In office stagings we create an inviting space for clients to visit.


It is important that the sell of your service starts before your clients have shaken your hand.


We ensure your waiting room area is dazzling to the eye with an aesthetic showcase to match the strength of the service you provide.

Staging for "Show & Sell"

Why invest in staging?


The cost of home staging to sell a property is far more economical than not.

On average, a home that has been stagnant on the market with minimal showings will drop their selling price by 10%. On a $200,000 home that is $20,000. This deduction is a much deeper dig in the sellers pocket than the cost to stage the home. therefore numbers show, home staging is an investment well made.

Cost to Stage a Home


The cost to stage a home varies. There is no set cost. First, we will come to the home for a complete consultation. This can take two hours or longer depending on the home. We can provide the client with a detailed bullet report, listing all suggestions to get the home sold for the highest price. After the client has been provided with a checklist, the client can then decide if they would like to make the changes or hire Break A Leg Staging to come in and Stage the home.

If the home is occupied we will assess an hourly rate. We will do as little adjustments as you would like or a complete re-organize of the furnishings, de-clutter, and de-personalize the home.

If the home is vacant, the fee to furnish the home will be paid in full upfront. This fee includes design layout, rental of furniture and accessories for 60 days, moving furniture in and breaking down the staging, and move out when a home has been sold.

Break A Leg staging takes pride in our work as an art and the client's home. While the home is on the market we will also provide a periodic "re-freshen" to make sure the showings are perfect every time. The upfront fee is good for 60 days. If the home is still on the market we will only charge the rental fees for the furniture and accessories. Our "check-in", "refresh" service we provide until the home is sold. 

cost to home stage a house