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"The cost of hiring a home stager is much less than the percentage a homeowner will lower their listing price when the home has remained on the market while it is not getting sold."

Vacant and Owner Occupied Home Staging

We have a variety of options to fit any clients home staging needs and budgets. We want your home to sell, fast. Using a home stager has proven to speed up the selling process by almost 72%.

Break A Leg Staging's services range from going into an occupied home for an in-home consultation, to fully furnishing a vacant home. We can work closely with realtors to help showcase the home for potential buyers.


Among our cost friendly staging packages, our special prep and prop for photo day puts the final  touches so that the listing photos turn out perfect.

Call us and we help find the best fit for any home seller.

"A Home that has not been staged stays on the market, an average, 72% longer than the homes that were staged"

Move-in Set-up Services

Break A Leg Staging does not just stage a home to sell for the most money, we stage a home to live in and love. We understand that being comfortable in your home is important. We also understand that most of us do not have the time to deal with the whole move in process.

Break A Leg Staging will handle the move in from meeting the moving company on delivery day, until the homeowner comes home to sit down and start enjoying the comforts of their new place.

Moving is stressful, time consuming, and can be overall over whelming. Whether our client needs us to meet the mover, arrange the home and its furnishings to fit within the best spacing of the floor plan, or picking out furnishings, accents, accessories, we have it covered. The client does not need to be there, or lift a finger.

Call Break A Leg to schedule your move-in help today.

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